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the fair is not overshadowed by the destruction of property by demonstrators. >> i feel like it was kind of not mart to start destroying windows and breaking stuff. it's like you're just going to get yourself in trouble, and in reality all you got to do is use your voice. >> that's michigan that shouldn't happens, but today is a brand new day, and this is michigan -- this is something to enjoy and to celebrate life. >> reporter: the art and soul festival continues through tomorrow and is slated to have more than 50 musical acts on five stages. it resident appalled -- it sprawled through several oakland city blocks and there's no word there are demonstrations planned tonight. but i can tell you there's a sizable and visibility police presence. this event continues until midnight tonight. reporting live, sergio quintana, abc-7 news. >> alan: a discount backfired on
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southwest airlines. the airline had a half-price ticket say yesterday for facebook friends but instead the customers were billed multiple times. we're live at san francisco international airport to explain what happened. >> reporter: that 50% off promotion by sweat was called, want to get away? it ended up being a huge giveaway of money by some of sweat's most faithful customers. the half off promotion for southwest flights was offered to customers by e-mail. in celebration of sweat's 3 millionth face book fan. the offer ended at midnight. just after the off-under expired, and customers looked at their credit card charges today, some realized they were overcharged. some people, instead of being charged once for the flight, were charged up to 30 times. southwest has been working feverishly to correct the
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problem. according to the spoaptsz we reached by phone. >> if you have -- we have all hands on deck in our technology team making sure we identify the problem and that we work towards a solution. if a customer was charged overdraft fees by the bank, we'll refund that. >> southwest says they had an overwhelming response to the special offer, which apparently overtacked the system and caused multiple bookings and are unaware how many people have been affected. southwest says they have sufficient customer service representatives on hand to handle the issue. southwest is aiming those customers who were affected, who were either charged multiple times or overcharged, and have some overdraft fees to contact them, either on their web site, at, or on their facebook page. and they say they'll try to rectify those charges as soon as they can. reporting live.
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abc-7 news. >> ama: service has been restored after an outage at thousands of atms across the u.s. officials say the failure was due to a power failure. u.s. bank is the fifth largest commercial bank in the u.s. >> alan: firefighters beat back the flames while defending hopes in santa cruz county. the fire started in rugged terrain west of los gatos. lisa amin gulezian has that story. >> reporter: smoke filled the sky above a rural area off bear creek road. didn't take long before the wildfire grew to six acres. >> right now this is one of the largest fires because of access and because of the fuel moistures, it could have been a larger fire. >> reporter: calfair and several other local agencies moved fast. you can see from these photos, they attacked the fire at first by air. dropping water and retardant, but firefighters timed to get
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their ground strategy in place. because just reaching the fire was massive undertaking. >> they have the firefighters drop down and actually go from that tree right there, down in there, to get to the fire. >> reporter: the fire moved up the hillsides, threatening more than 200 homes. >> we packed all the handmade blankets, and then pictures. >> reporter: the beckers were ready to evacuate. they live just one mile from the fire. >> we could see flames and we started thinking about what was important and what wasn't, and started packing up our van. >> we unhooked the computeres, of course, decided to look for photographs that were hard copies, and put the cats away so we could get them if we needed to. took some clotheses down to the van. just started throwing stuff into a suitcase. >> reporter: no official evacuation order ever came down but the beckers didn't want to take any chans and just as they
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were about to leave, firefighters managed to contain and control the fire. investigators are still not sure what caused this fire. they say they are not ruling anything out. firefighters will stay on the scene until tomorrow. in santa cruz, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> ama: there are several fires burning across the state right now in san buoy with obispo county, a 250 achy fire is 20% contained. in vieferredz county, 35055-acre fire 90% contained in shasta county, evacuations are underway for a fear, and in plumb crass county, a fire pushed more than 10 acres can use the superman ride should re-open. last sunday the ride malfunctioned and stranded a dozen people in mid-air. they were up there for close to two hours before workers got the ride to coast back down. tests have not shown anything
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structurally wrong with that ride. >> ama: still to come, the new plan to tighten pans on assault weapons in california. >> alan: the search for suspects after a controversial war memorial is vandalized. >> nasa's mission to mars and how you can
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to
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>> alan: police in san jose are investigating the city's 24th 24th homicide of the year. it happenedder in clover oak drive and cedar vail park. a man was shot to death. they have not identified suspects and the motive is under investigation. >> ama: in the wake of the shooting mat kerr in colorado a california bill seeks to close a loophole in the nation's assault weapon law. they're seeking the change. it would make it more difficult for gun manufacturers to sell weapons in california that can be swiftly relead with high capacity magazines. >> alan: lafayette police are trying to find out who vandalized several crosses on the city's hillside memorial. officers believe it happened yesterday. investigators found 63 vandalized crosses. 52 of them were knocked over and 11 more damaged. >> many members of the community see the loss of the crosses as a symbol for our fallen service
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members. and so this would affect family members of service members, service members themselves, and also the people that have spent countless hours working on the memorial. >> alan: the memorial has been a controversial site because supporters of the war believe a sign signifying the number of dead carries an antiwar message. just ahead, the bay area connection to this weekend's mars landing. >> ama: taking a stand against sex trafficking in the east bay. >> alan: a cool saturday, but what's ahead tomorrow? leigh glaser is coming up with her forecast. >> coming up in sports, for the second straight game, the a's and jays go to extra innings, and we show you how the
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>> ama: five adults and child were forced out of their home after a fire broke out in the east bay. thick it should smoke could be seen bill bogey from the duplex in oakland. no one was hurt. >> alan: hundreds of people hit the streets of oakland to take stan against human trafficking. volunteers, advocates and survivors marched along international boulevard. the goal is to raise awareness about human trafficking and urge
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voters to support proposition 35 on the november ballot. >> proposition 35 is going to allow californians to fight against human trafficking, and sexual exploitation of women and children. >> alan: if approved by voters, the legislation wine crease penalties for human trafficking and require those convicted to register as sex offenders. >> ama: nasa's mission to mars has less than a day and a half until touchdown. the rover, curiosity, is scheduled to land at 10:30 tomorrow night on mars. the land is it caution nasa engineers to hold their breath. the spacecraft will be in freefall for most of the descent and then use cables to lower it to the group. the project calls for curiosity to spend two years on mars. mass says holding an open house to watch the landing. gates open at 4:00 p.m. the event includes presentations and then from 10:00 to midnight,
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live broadcast from jpl laboratory. we'll have live coverage of the journey tomorrow at 6:00 and 11:00 expm get more information on her web site. under "see it on tv". >> alan: we have some rain out there? >> leigh: sprinkles. more or less a mist and drizzle. especially near the coast, and i want to show you the cumulus buildup, along the highest peaks. this is from the mt. tamalpais camera. you can see a little break 0 in the action, little heating taking place but it's then the subtropical moisture, live doppler 7hd picking that up nicely, and we have reports of a few showers. we're going to take you up north bay between santa rosa, towards pet human -- petaluma, a brief shower here, moving off towards the north and west.
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right here near shilo road, we have this -- this is a false return but what is not a false return i right here, this is moving to the north and east around napa. you'll see a little wet pavement. if this cell holds together -- they've been moving quickly from south to north and been falling apart, and also reports from san hoe si toward morgan hill, the higher elevations, few light sprinkles. with see any isolated thunderstorms it will be the higher elevations this evening, but since the sky has pretty much been slate gray north a lot of clearing out there today. we didn't have a lot of daytime heating so the threat of that is pretty much very, very low. here are the highs today. 81, antioch. the rest of news the 60s. upper 50s near the coast. right now, 63, santa rows sample 58, san francisco. here's a look at the highlights.
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chance of a sprinkle, more than likely mist and drizzle as the moisture feeds through. maybe a clap of thunder overnight. more clearing tomorrow so warm easterly day. and then get ready for warm to hot temperatures as we head into next week. that's tropical moisture from southern california all the way up towards the bay area, thanks to low pressure off the coast. this low, bill the way, is going push off towards the east tomorrow and as it does so, it will take the moisture with and it we'll start to see more sunshine. here we go throughout the evening hours. most of the light sprinkles, the mist and drizzle, remains near the coast. this is 11:00 tomorrow. a lot of clearing and that's going to translate to some warmer temperatures tomorrow. in the east bay, get ready for highs in the mid-80s. so antioch, sunshine, mild, 84. 80, santa rows sample 6 5 san francisco. 78, san jose. more began hill, 83. 73, watsonville, 79 for
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hollister. enjoy sunday morning -- sunday and monday because tuesday, wednesday, thursday, it is going to get hot, and 100 degrees inland. the latter part of the work week. >> the a's have had some long games recently. >> rick: work egg overtime. the last time the a's beat the jay's in 15 innings with the game ending just before midnight. and today they went to extras. these guys got a thrill from weeks before the contest. griffin got the start but had to leave because of tightness in his throwing shoulder. the defense helps out here. sear race nailed. oakland took a 1-0 lead as derek norris, hitting a as the dh, drivers in brandon inge, but ryan cook gives up a game-tying home run in the ninth.
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this time to david cooper. in the 11th, incar -- encarnacion tries to steal first, and the final is 3-1. the blue jays had lost six straight. >> after exploding for 16 runs last night against colorado, the giants pick up right where they left off in the first, posey goes deep for a two-run shot. since the all-star break he has been batting .471. bottom first, bumgarner picks off young. we had to speed up the action took six throws in all. now in the fourth, the giants load the rockies 6-0. the nfl season is rapidly approaching. the 49ers pray the first preseason game on friday against the vikings. >> communication between the quarterback and coaches is crucial. so the 49ers have gotten new
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head sets. the older ones would cut out while someone was talking. in one instance, one coach felt more like an air traffic controller. >> one time i was doing it and it happened to be on the same frequency as an airline, at -- in a certain city, and a critical situation in the game, and all you hear is southwest pilots talking. >> you expect more when you come in as a rookie, the crazy high-tech stuff and you look in the helmet and it's not. >> got a aaa battery in there. >> today in canton, chris dolman was among a half dozen players inducted into the pro football hall of fame. dollman played for san francisco from 1996 to 1998. during his 15-season career he had 150 and a half saks. his last juan coming against the niners coach jim harbaugh, and also going the hall, at the
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bridge stone invitational. jim furyk is 18 holes away from a wire-to-wire victory. let's go out to firestone country can club in akron, ohio. tiger woods broke par for the firs time this week this. birdie wars part of a 68. still 11 shots back. louis oosthuizen also shot a 68 today. great putt here on the par-3 12th. followed furyk by a stroke. check out this chip. hits the flagstick. furyk did tap in for par. 11-under for the tournament. spoiler alert. time to announce the olympic results. so turn away from the screen and come back when the music stops if you do not want to know what happened. ♪
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>> a week ago the u.s. held a narrow lead over china in the medal count. team u.s.a. has 54 total, 26 golds, greet britain is in third plate with 29 total, 14 gold, and tonight we larry the oakland raiders camp, the post-al davis era continues. >> what do you feel about that? >> i think it's a good thing. davis had a lot of old weighed about him and didn't catch up to what's going on now in the nfl. so i think we'll see some positive changes this year. >> alan: thanks, rick. >> ama: how you can help in foster kids in need. >> alan: and don't miss of special edition of abc-7 at mid-michigan. all in the news [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy
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your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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>> alan: coming up at 11, the connection between the wild weather across the u.s. and global warming. ever wonder where all that stuff that gets confiscate ited a airport security ends up in tonight an auction sells it all. >> ama: we want to thank the people helping lays thousands of dollars for post e children just by liking abc-7 news on facebook. special thanks to some of new friends, nancy w from antioch, gary k from martinez, and clyde b from pittsburg. like abc-7 on facebook and one dollar will be donated to the sleep train campaign.
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>> a new skydiving record. >> 138 skydivers plunking at 220 miles-per-hour yesterday in illinois and did it while building the formation of a snow flake. >> ama: took 15 attempts to brain the previous record of 108 skydivers. >> that's it for us. le captioned by closed captioning services inc. ñ/&ñfñ!ñx1q1q
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